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Medical practices have a lot of documentation that they need to maintain, update and store on a regular basis. Transitioning to a paperless system has a lot of benefits for hospitals, pharmacies and medical practices. Digital records help increase efficiency, and are a great way to optimize your document management and protect your patient's privacy. This DMRD software allows a medical practice to improve its document management capabilities by eliminating all of their paper charts and reduce the need for medical records storage and improve patient care.

Easy to implement and Simple to use Cost-Effective Digital Medical Records Solution

With the advent of technology, many medical professionals fear systems that automated with no human management or intervention but a person who has worked with it once will ensure all systems in this are functioning properly all the time as it provides access to any system inside the Campus. DMRD will result in greater saving in both clinicians and health insurance companies and also reduces the storage cost.

DMRD - Process Flow

Traditional/ Manual Method

  • Requires large storage areas.
  • Difficulties in retrieval for better treatment, legal cases, verifications etc.
  • Loss/ damage of papers or files.
  • Lack of security in turn confidentiality is lost.
DMRD Provides solution to all the above issues and also has many more unique features that makes you really excited to use it.

What is DMRD??

  • DMRD is an In-Patient medical record digitizing application which is built with the intention to reduce the file storage space and easy retrieval of the record.
  • Stores the medical test reports, admission details, prescriptions etc. in the doctors' and nurses' hand written format.
  • Customizable at every level as per the hospital's need.
  • Highly Secured and the information are confidential at different levels using various security algorithms.
  • The ADF is directly embedded to the application which makes DMRD a unique product.
  • It is an offline application. We can make it online if needed but it is not recommended by most health care organizations.
  • Ability to track the physical location of the record as well.
  • Export the statistical reports and general reports in third party application.
  • Helps in hospitals' marketing strategy. Intimates area wise patient flow in the hospital.


  • Safety and security: Paper can be damaged, lost, stolen or subjected to natural disaster. DMRD circumvents many of these situations with greater safeguards.
  • Cost efficiency through data consolidation: Reduces duplication of efforts and documents, increases the speed of exchanging information.
  • Infrastructure cost saving: Saves on labor cost, cupboard costs, space, tension in retrieval of records in emergency cases etc.
  • Faster Storage and retrieval: The storage time of each record is minimal and retrieval time is in fraction of seconds.
  • Ability to quickly transfer patient data from one department to the next is a huge asset and DMRD satisfies it securely
  • Quick access to the records can be lifesaving if an emergency occurs and answers to those questions are needed during emergency decision making process.
  • User Friendly Interface: Doesn't require special training to work in this application as the interface is very user friendly and customizable at every level.


Medical Record

  • > Basically a systematic documentation of a single patient's medical history.
  • > It contains very sensitive information that requires very secured storage and retrieval for better treatment.

Medical Records Department

  • > Maintains medical records in a secure manner allowing release only to recognized entities with legal rights to review the contents.
  • > Access to this record is critical to ensure that we receive timely, safe and effective treatment and care


Unique features of DMRD is that the records are stored in hand written format without any backups since the hardware is directly embedded in the software thereby saving the digitized records directly in the server.
  • * Allows access only in the hospital premises.
  • * Customized according to the hospital policies and procedures in segregating the record format.
  • * Business Intelligence module including ICD/ CPT/ ICPT based statistics.
  • * Digitizing can be done by the hospital staffs who have the permission to access the software.
  • * Scan the n number of files using ADF scanner


  • * Backup of the digitized records will be taken once in three or six months as per the hospital need.
  • * Approximately more than 10, 00,000 records can be digitized.
  • * In case of server crash, the records will be retrieved without any loss of data by our technical team.
  • * Training will be given for the staffs initially on the working of the product and in case of any queries in between, special training will be arranged. Service through online in also available.
  • * Updates will be done periodically.