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We help you GROW your Business in Freedom and with Peace of Mind as you sit right in the comforts of your store. We do this by SIMPLYFYING the operations of your business leveraging the ease of Technology

We help small business owners such as retail stores, pharmacies, bakeries and so on , who are struggling to expand their business, are exhausted by inventory tracking, manual billing and losing time in billing to satisfy their customer's needs easily and have more freedom, time and energy, expand their business at the click of a button, have happy, life-long customers and be at peace.

Are you a Business owner running a store or multiple stores ? Are you looking to Expand your business AND be in control 24*7 from anywhere in the world , at anytime ? OR, do you run a Business that is Unique in some way, shape or form ? Then our PoS is the perfect Solution for your needs ..

Easy to Install, Get,Set, Go.., Complete Control@Your fingertips, Accessible Antime Anywhere

Point of Sales - Process Flow

Point of Sales - Process Flow - 2


  • Easy to Install
  • 3 Versions - Desktop, Cloud and E-commerce Integration
  • Single/Multi Store Management
  • Desktop and Cloud Versions Integration
  • Comprehensive Inventory Management
  • Track Stock Movement
  • Easy Returns Handling
  • Discount and coupons Management and Loyalty Programs
  • Re-Order Alerts
  • E-Commerce Integration (Magento)
  • Barcode Enabled


  • Create User
  • Customer
  • Items
  • Shop
  • Sales Return
  • Stock Transfer
  • Reports
  • Add New Stock
  • Stock Update
  • Discount
  • Add Coupon
  • Supplier Return
  • Sales
  • Brands
  • Location

Key Features

  • Follow 5 simple steps and continue to thrive in your business as RaaGaa PoS does all the heavy-duty work for you
  • Ensure ease and efficiency of operations and scaling as you expand your business without the tension of losing data
  • Customized to your unique business and needs and can be scaled to accommodate and integrate as many stores you launch as you grow and expand
  • Offline-Online seamless integration protects you from connectivity issues and ensures smooth execution of operations. Your data is synchronized automatically as and when the connectivity is restored.
  • Ensures you are never confused about product availability in any/all of your stores
  • Provides relief from the tension of not knowing where exactly your product/stock is in any/all of your stores at any point in time and in any aspect of the supply/delivery chain
  • Endears you to your customers as they feel satisfied experiencing the freedom of a risk-free and easy return of products without wasting time and energy
  • Makes it a pleasure for both the customer and you to share your offers through discounts and coupons and loyalty programs free from the tension of errors and disappointments
  • Saves you from the stress of not knowing when to replenish your stocks and from the hassle of last minute rushing around to fulfil customer orders.
  • Ease of transition from physical to online store, no need to maintain separate inventory and you can go global and reach customers from all over the world in one click.
  • Helps you in ease of operations and quick billing for your customers.




  • Can be installed in a single system
  • Suitable for any shop of any size
  • No software licenses required
  • Remote installation feasible
  • 24*7 online support & troubleshooting

E-Com Version

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Get, Set, Go… Installation
  • Real time inventory
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Offline/Online model available
  • Multiple store management
  • 24*7 Online Support

Cloud POS / SaaS - Version

  • Install RaaGaa PoS and go online
  • Ready-to-integrate with Magento
  • Continuous Data Sync
  • Transcend Geographies / Go Global
  • Real time Inventory in Physical & Online