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Recipe Management Software

Recipe Management has all the right ingredients to manage your complex operations and compliance requirements. This complete, yet flexible solution offers deep, proven end-to-end capabilities for all your critical processes.

The suite of solution comprises of integrated functionalities of Retail Store Operations, Point of Sales, Sales & Distribution and Kitchen Process(recipe management) for food court, café, bar, ice cream parlor, Quick service(QSR) .

Software for Bakery & Confectionery, Ice Cream Parlors, Food Courts, Restaurants & Bar, Quick Service Restaurants

Inventory Management

Tracking of perishable items, expiry items, fast / non-moving items. Stock movement, multi location stock handling features ensures proper inventory maintenance. Replenishment based on stock levels. Packaging and repacking options.

  • Auto min/max update
  • Multiple order option
  • Expiry/Non-moving stock tracking
  • Fixed/Computed min max Qty
  • Stock transfer in/out
  • Merge product
  • Physical inventory
  • Stock correction module

Marketing Management

With Recipe Management you can send e-mails, letters and postcards. You can say happy birthday to clients, thank new clients and touch base with those that haven't visited you in a while.

  • Reminds you of client birthdays, and special events
  • Sends emails to clients for marketing purposes
  • Generates client lists in selected categories

Customer Management

Recipe Management will update your client histories automatically after every visit, identify your most valuable clients based on sales and referrals and even store a client picture on file.

  • Stores client contact information
  • Records a history of services, retail sales and appointments
  • Tracks client notes
  • Automatically tracks account charges
  • Identify by phone number,etc.

Loyalty & Promotions

Customer loyalty is the most valuable asset which can be sustained by increased client incentive programs. loyalty cards are supported with loyalty points or discount configurations.

  • Central control over promotions and schemes and different locations or between kiosks.
  • Gift Cards, Discount/Privilege Cards
  • Customers can be segmented on the cumulative purchase.
  • Use mobile phone number as Loyalty card number or issue branded Membership / Loyalty cards.
  • Create Repeat visits through automated next visit offers, Gift Cards, or through privilege cards that entitle members for discounts, or simply run a point based loyalty program
  • Email and sms for transaction like sale bill and promotions
  • Communicate with Customers through SMS and email about upcoming events, new menu addition and on their birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Mobile number based loyalty program
  • Gift Vouchers and Discount Coupon across multiple outlets
  • Loyalty points earning and burning on customer segment based.
  • Unified customer experience across online as well as offline outlets.

Manufacturing & Recipe Management

Configure recipe for various products, menu Items, modifiers. Subcontracting, end-to-end production process, material issues and consumption can be tracked. Visibility of wastage and food cost.

  • Recipe management with track over consumption across different menu items.
  • Forecasting and demand planning down-to-the-minute
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Shelf-life and seasonality management
  • Production based on sales quantity, consumptions, closing balance etc.
  • F & B costing analysis.
  • Service or Product based inventory.
  • Item combo and packages.
  • Active or Inactive item.
  • Handling of multiple conversion factors or packaging at purchase and sales.
  • Recipe Target.
  • Recipe Planning.



  • State of the art Technology
  • Cost effective and flexible pricing benefits
  • Offline support
  • Round the clock tech support
  • On-Demance add-ons,
  • In-depth and real-time reports are just a few of benefits to mention.

Chain of Outlets

  • Multi-user multi-location operations
  • Common/independent customer
  • Raw materials and ingredient inventory visibility
  • End-to-end tracking and traceability
  • Warehouse and distribution management


  • Daily sales, Monthly statistics and annual income totals. With Recipe Management, these facts are at your fingertips, easy to locate and instantly available.


  • Touch Screen POS
  • Returns management
  • Multiple modes of payment
  • Offline billing
  • Fit to Budget
  • Home Delivery Bill and Home Delivery Counter
  • Bill holding
  • Quick billing/view
  • Bill tracking
  • Bundle product